Monday, 13 September 2010

Green Avatar: graphic design by Tatiana Kazakova

Russian graphic designer Tatiana Kazakova has mixed fishes, birds, whales, mystical trees and flowers in wonderful inky green and pale pink.  In her latest works which seem to have taken inspirations from traditional Japanese watercolour paintings and techniques, with great details and subtlety, she's created a magical land where fishes and birds float in between flower clouds and whirls of tree branches. Kazakova has also made an animation video which is short but sweet, (again, look out for the triangles!) 

((())) from tk_tk on Vimeo.

Don't get her confused with a Russian mayor and a dancer if you search for her work on the Internet, more of her stuff can be found here and on Behance network. Some of her futuristic style graphic designs have also been  spotted on mymodernmet. Think of music by the Knife, these images would go well in an electro concert in animation under some laser lights.

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