Monday, 5 July 2010

Alejandro Guijarro: beyond the photographic boundaries

Guijarro's photographs could possibly be one of the most anti-government images to display in China, with skyscrapers as well as the forbidden city wrapped in thick white fog. If used by environmental activitists, these images could successfully get a few people jailed.

Luckily Guijarro's not in China, nor is he concerned with air pollution but the "spatial relations in photographic representation". What can be seen and what can be understood. He questions the authority of photography and its ability to represent the truth.

Fog or no fog, Guijarro offers a new way of seeing, where boundaries from afar and close by are erased, appearance and disappearance becomes simultaneous. A well deserved finalist of the Man Photography Prize 2009. More work by Guijarro can be found here
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