Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Judith Braun: "Fingerings" in symmetrical forms

American artist Judith Braun has been drawing with her bare fingers since 2003, using charcoal and pastels on large cavases, papers and walls, often with both hands moving together stimultaneously. These works come with limitations and physical restrictions (same finger patterns and maximum length of an arm), but also come with infinite possibilities, allowing the images to be worked on repeatedly, into anything and nothing. The results are often stunningly beautiful, complex and simple at the same time. Upon closer inspection the "fingerings" leave behind unique textures which almost look digitally enhanced.

Braun has recently returned to her earlier method of "photocopy", using carbon based materials and incorporating images and texts in a playful way. Newest works from Braun are on show in DUVE Berlin until 31st of July

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