Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jonathan Yeo: With filthy details

Collage is pretty old news, it's the sort of thing kids and GCSE art students do when they run out of ideas with their paintbrushes. However, British artist Jonathan Yeo's found a way to shock and provoke with collage- use hardcore porn magazine cutouts.

Every portrait of a celebrity, from Paris Hilton to George W Bush is assembled with hundreds  of sexual body parts, male's and female's. Something that looks like an eyebrow or an ear may turn out to be huge penises upon closer inspection, only of different colours.

Unsurprisingly, his latest solo exhibition is set in  Los Angles featuring his newest and most provocative works to date, such a Tiger Wood and Sarah Palin. Porn In the USA is on from 9th of July to the 8th of August at Lazarides Gallery.

Video below of the artist talking about how his collages come together using the technique adopted by cubism and the reason behind using pornographic materials. It certainly isn't the high art we normally see in Tate Britain or the Serpentine, but it dares to show all the filth that normally gets hidden under the bed and be frowned upon. Porn can be art too, as long as you can put it in a gallery.

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