Monday, 14 June 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 Bands To Watch

  I pretty much lived on new records this year with a bit of old NIN in between, a bit of Refused here and there. The first half of 2010 was full of surprises (Scott-Heron, the Knife), promises (which largely fulfilled, such as Liars, Foals, 65days), and a couple of hiccups that I have steered clear of (Muse, made me pretty sick for days, and now ex-Bloc Party Kele). All in all, 2010 could possibly be one of the best noughtie's years for indie albums, and we are barely half way through it.
A few highlights from this Spring/Summer
Liars new EP came out in late May. The Overachievers, featuring two new songs that were excluded in Sisterworld: Pleasure is Boss and Only Sometimes. Both are decent tracks but it does make one feel cheated when listening to these perfect continuations of Sisterworld that could have easily been put in as [bonus tracks]. Pleasure is Boss in particular, sounds like a calmer and hungover version of Scarecrows on the Killer Slant. It's like putting a massive mark-up on dessert in a nice restaurant when you know you'd have that pudding just to wrap up the evening, and feeling annoyed with yourself afterwards for being ripped off.
Liars - Pleasure Is Boss by MuteUSA
On the other hand, Ratatat cooked big on the main course that definitely made dessert unnecessary. Their new album LP4 received mixed reviews, (or just harsh words from Pitchfork and all the rest of the world that hates P4k the massive snob think otherwise).  LP4 was forced to be brought out earlier this month due to the leak of demo on YouTube back in January. Having warmed up prior the new album launch with their previous two albums, I have mixed feelings towards LP4. The title definitely suggests the furtherance from LP3, in which many highlights such as Mirando and Dura were among my favourites and to top that, I was expecting something extravagant and outrageously dancey. LP4 delivered on these, but somehow a step too far and made Beethoven sound crazily excited playing computer games. This however, could be interpreted as a brave move considering that their past albums were more or less based on the same formula with subtle variations. LP4 dared to take it further.
Among the many names that are bringing on new albums this summer, the electronic/instrumental Pivot is the one that I most look forward to. Now known as PVT after the American Pivot threatening legal actions, the Aussie trio is bringing out Church With No Magic in July/Aug (Warp Records). New track Window video below is shot from each band member's viewpoint while playing, makes your eyes a bit unsteady but 100% worth it.
M.I.A continues to bomb the blogs with new tracks from her forthcoming album MAYA, After Born Free and XXXO, newly revealed track Stepping Up continues to impress. Apart from collaborating with old favourite Diplo and dirty pop buddy Christina Aguilera turned slightly Lady Gaga, M.I.A recently worked with an underground group Sali after completing her third album. This track Toldya bears traces of Diplo's beats with M.I.A's old political statements in Galang. Good to play this month just so to confuse people if it's an old or new track. 

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