Friday, 21 May 2010

Turn Electronic Music into Art

and this is what you could end up with

Artist Richard Colman definitely knows how to make you feel sad if you were colour-blind. Taking neon colours and contrast shades to the extreme, the mass scale of Colman's work can make your head spin after staring at the paintings for a few moments, or causing some visual impairment when you start to wonder if you could see red out of blue. But behind all these obsessive patterns and geometries, Colman depicts day-glo orgies, headless men, silhouettes, piles of internal organs, often sinister and comical at the same time.
If there is any music being played in the gallery, I've been told there is, surely they should spin something like Hudson Mohawke or the Bloody Beetroots to match Colman's colour violence and brilliance.

 Colman's solo exhibition Keep Out The Light  is open on the 22nd of May at New Image Gallery in LA.

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