Tuesday, 6 July 2010

HEALTH uncensored video USA Boys

OK, we all know that there are many women and children unfriendly videos on YouTube, such as prostitute killing and scoring for Grand Theft Auto, and actual game footages are often full of porno and violent materials. So it came as a big surprise when HEALTH's latest video got banned on YouTube for being drug and sex related. Come'on YouTube, stop being a bloody hypocrite.

HEALTH's own tweet back in June sums this up nicely. "Youtube pulled the USA boys vid. I guess implied rape, a punctured ballsack, and severed head are family friendly. WHAT THE FUCK?". To show some support for HEALTH, here is the uncensored video on Vimeo. Kiss my bum YouTube.

HEALTH - USA BOYS from City Slang on Vimeo.

HEALTH is on the list for Reading Festival as well as a newly scheduled apperance in London on the 15th of October. More USA boys fo shizzle. Meanwhile, download the track for free as part of the summer playlists on Stereogum together with all the summer essentials such as Cults and Sleigh Bells.

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