Wednesday, 7 July 2010

United Visual Artists: Sound and Visual heaven

United Visual Artists have been around for a few years now with successful architectural and live performance installations that emphasise the interaction between human movements, lights and space. Their last project in April 2010 Speed of Light was truely spectacular. In the dark, abandoned Bargehouse behind the well-maintained residential block of Oxo Tower facing the river, you could have mistaken the exhibition for a warehouse party that's checking its sound and light systems before the crowd arrives. I was lucky to have ignored the association with Virgin Media and the phrase of 'celebrating 10 years of broadband", went in with well-chosen white trainers which glowed and guided me around in the dark.

In June UVA were back and have put on another installation Chorus for the Wapping Project, a newly redeveloped power station which is now a trendy restaurant and gallery space, hosting a range of art projects including dance and performance arts whilst keeping some of the original power station equipments in place. This time there are swinging pendulums as musical instruments, emitting light and sound movements from the roof of the essembly. Worth a visit if you don't get put off by the location, and best en route to Greenwich and south east of London.
Chorus is on until the 18th of July.

To find out more about how UVA work behind the scene and their past works for the likes of Massive Attack and New York fashion week, check out this interview with the artists thanks to the Creators Project

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