Monday, 16 August 2010

Bewitched by Witch House the 2010 genre

Much owing to my hippiest friends namely The Owl Post, Witch House AKA Ghost Drone AKA Drag as a genre was introduced to me a couple of months back and has been growing on me ever since. Slowly gaining recognition among new sound seeking bloggers and Pitchfork, its status is rising to the likes of "chill wave" - not in the least doing it any justice.

Wherever you see some unpronounceable symbols and codes, it's probably another alter ego/new name of an up and coming Witch House band expanding the "movement" and following the footsteps of  SHAMS and Salem. Tracks here cover the likes of OoOOo, White Ring, Sleep Over and Horse MacGyver, among my favourites. For a quick intro check out remixes of Lady Gaga and Crystal Castles on YouTube under obscure names and goth, vamp-filled old film clips. And last but not least, look out for the's going to take over the world this winter.
Seaww by oOoOO
White Ring - IxC999 by Speaker Snacks

§ - La Main Gauche from § on Vimeo.

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