Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Gemma Compton: Streets, Animals, Sexy Ladies

If you happen to be in Machester in the next couple of months, make sure you pop into Mooch N4 for the latest "stree art" exhibition The Beautiful and the Damned, featuring some of the best young talents in the UK in illustration and graphic design, including the wonderful Gemma Louise Compton.

Originally trained as a scenic painter and newly graduated from Bristol armed with a Fashion degree, the young Compton found passion in every "furry, slimy, spiky and winged creature" nature has to offer, thanks to her upbringing in the countryside of Cotswold. After moving to her urban confinement, Compton's works took on a new twist which combines street art, fashion, tattoos and poppy glamour.
For more new street art and graphic design from the likes of Compton, check out 

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