Monday, 3 May 2010

Nedry does not equal Nerd

There is nothing nerdy about Nedry’s music. Formed in summer 2008, this ‘post-dubstep’ (everything is ‘post’ nowadays) band brought out their debut album Condors in February 2010 which has gone largely unnoticed due to it’s ‘soft’ launch until Huw Stephens and 6Music started playing them.

They are recently touring with 65daysofstatic which should see them gathering followers and recognition fast and strongly. After their previous tours with Maps and Pivot, Nedry now certainly feel comfortable performing live and recreating everything on their MPCs and DAWs.

The band consists of Ayu Okakita, Matt Parker and Chris Amblin, whom all share a love for Jurassic Park, and the possibility of fusing electronic with analogue instruments. To me their excessive baseline, dubstep beats and glitch mixed with Ayu’s vocals is like Bjork being handled by a grime producer and the XX being plugged in with electronically charged balls. Unlike many critics who have named Apples and Pears as their favourite, I much prefer the NIN-inspired Scattering opening and the heavily dubbed and synth layered track A42.

Be sure to watch out for Nedry whom have been predicted to be ‘the first mainstream dubstep indie band’ by the Guardian.

Nedry - a42 by musicnerds

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